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    1080P Light Bulb Spy Camera

    $69.25 $76.95
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    銆怑asy to install銆Directly replace the bulb without extra wiring. 360-degree horizontal rotation, 90-degree vertical turnover, no dead corner monitoring every corner, no need to worry about the blind area so that your family and children are safe and assured

    銆怣otion Detection and Alert Notification銆When this light bulb camera Wi-Fi outdoor detects somebody coming or video screen change, it will push alert notification to your cell-phone real-time. Detecting cars, leaves, etc. will not trigger an alarm. the light bulb security camera will track the motion and record every single move, with a built-in microphone and speaker, together with a VOICE ALERT if needed

    銆怉dvanced Night Vision銆Upgrade the HD night vision function, and the infrared night vision and white light night vision can be switched freely, which makes the monitoring picture more colorful and enriches your visual experience

    銆怰emote Viewing銆This home Wi-Fi camera supports remote viewing, you can keep an eye on what matters anywhere & anytime!


    鉂lert Notification: Yes

    鉂udio: Two Way Audio

    Power supply: E27

    Waterproof Rating: IP66

    High Definition: 1080P (Full HD)

    Lens (mm): 3.6mm

    Sensor: CMOS

    Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless

    Viewing Angle: 355掳(Level)/90掳(Vertical)

    Night Mode: Infrared night vision

    Supported Mobile Systems: Android & IOS

    Power supply: E27 110-240V

    Power waste: <5W