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    Automatic Water Dispenser With Stand

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    1.聽銆怱mart銆慡mart with 8 levels of quantitative pumping, 8-stage capacity selection with indicator light (100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 700ml, 1000ml, and unlimited flow), the electric water dispenser is suitable for various types of bottles (1~5 gallon).
    2.銆怭ortable and Detachable銆慣he water dispenser pump is easy to assemble. Anti-slip design with a water cup at the bottom, and the smart pumping design can free your hands when you are busy and working, so you can carry this exquisite water dispenser with you.
    3.聽銆怱imple Operation銆慙ong press the power button to turn on the machine, and you can quickly tap the power button to switch gears incrementally(If you select the wrong gear, you can shut down and operate again, but cannot decrease gear shift) this electric water dispenser is made of sturdy ABS plastic with a food-grade silicone hose.
    4.銆怑xtension pipe銆慦e provide extended water pipes to accommodate higher cups, you only need to splice the outlet pipe and extension pipe, rotate the "down" icon below the two pipes to almost align, and then install them to the base.
    5.聽銆怱uper High Quality銆慣he smart water dispenser pump has a built-in 1800mAh battery, Type-C charging interface, fast charging, long battery life, a full charge can be used for 30 days, the high-standard water dispenser will not leak in use, the pump water is fast and quiet. We believe he is the ideal choice for you.

    Product Information:

    Color: White and blue
    Material: ABS+metal accessories+core
    Packaging size: 22.5 * 13.7 * 12cm