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    Japanese Sushi Tools

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    Product category: bowl, plate, plate set
    Item No.: Warship Sushi Mold
    Material: Other
    Applicable gift-giving occasions: holiday/memorial day
    Whether it is a gift: Yes, personal gift
    Applicable gift-giving relationship: children
    Applicable holiday: full moon
    Food grade polypropylene material
    Contact with food, health and hygiene, safe and secure
    Bottom semi-connected design, push-type demolding
    Press the bottom to release the mold easily, which is convenient and quick (special process at the connection is not easy to break)
    Concave-convex stripe design, non-stick rice
    Concave-convex stripes on the inner wall of the mold can be quickly demolded to maintain the complete shape of the rice ball
    Grip the handle design, quickly squeeze out the rice ball
    The easy-to-handle long handle can be easily buckled into the box and squeezed out the rice ball
    -Make 5 rice balls at a time
    Suitable for warship sushi and nigiri sushi, home use, hotels, sushi restaurants
    China National Center 01
    See-through, health and hygiene
    Perspective of the mold, whether the rice ball is full and clearly visible, making sushi is more delicious