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    LED flashing Snowflake lights with stars

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    Illuminate your world with our exquisite LED snowflake strings - perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. Attract guests with their beautiful warm colors and innovative power options

    Enhance the ambiance of your terrace, courtyard, or garden this festive season with our exquisite LED small flashing lights adorned with stars. Crafted from high-quality shell material and designed by Alec, these decorative lights are available in two variations - 2 meters with 10 warm-colored battery-powered lights or 3 meters featuring 20 color battery models. The beautiful hanging snowflake lights serve as a special addition to any indoor or outdoor Christmas decoration setup. With their simple power options and easy installation, these snowflake LED strings can be effortlessly hung on roofs or branches to attract guests while eliminating any power problems that may arise

    • Enhance your outdoor decor with the beautiful snowflake LED strings, creating a special Christmas atmosphere in your terrace, courtyard, or garden
    • With 10 warm color battery lights and 20 color battery models available in 3 meters length, these hanging snowflake lights offer a simple power option for both indoor and outdoor decoration
    • Illuminate your roof and branches with the attractive LED small flashing lights to create an enchanting ambiance that will surely attract guests during festive occasions

    Shell material: Alec

    2 meters 10 lights [warm color battery]
    3 meters 20 lights [warm color battery]
    3 meters 20 lights [color battery models]

    Beautiful: Hanging snowflake lights add a sense of decoration to your terrace, courtyard or garden through these beautiful snowflake LED strings, making every Christmas special!

    Simple power options: The battery power option makes this snowflake light ideal for easy indoor or outdoor decoration, with snowflakes hanging from the roof or even the branches to attract guests without worrying about power problems.