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    Chest Expander Puller

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    Experience a full-body workout with our "Chest Expander Puller." This versatile fitness tool is designed to help you build strength and improve your upper body muscles, especially targeting the chest and arms.

    With adjustable resistance levels, this puller allows you to customize your workout intensity to meet your fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, the Chest Expander Puller is a reliable choice to enhance your fitness routine.

    Elevate your strength training and achieve your fitness objectives with the "Chest Expander Puller."
    Plates stick, it can shape the body and muscle at home, provides the body a good shape

    Size:  The rod length is about 92CM, and the rope length is about 80CM
    Material: NBR+Latex tube
    Product Category: Rally

    Applicable scene: fitness equipment

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    1*Chest Expander Puller