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    Creative Yuyun Raindrop Aromatherapy Machine

    $33.91 $39.00
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    Product information:
    Power type: plug-in
    Noise: below 36dB
    Applicable scenarios: automobile, household, commercial
    Color: DQ710-White,pre-sale-DQ710-black,DQ710-White 1 bottle of 10ml essential oil (fresh-keeping type),pre-sale-DQ710-black 1 bottle of 10ml essential oil (fresh-keeping type),DQ710-White 3 bottles of 10ml essential oil (fresh Cologne fragrance),pre-sale-DQ710-black 3 bottles of 10ml essential oil (fresh Cologne fragrance),DQ710-white winning bid/American Standard 2A,pre-sale-DQ710-Black standard/American Standard 2A,DQ710-white European Standard 2A,pre-sale-DQ710-black European Standard 2A
    Shape: Square
    Operation mode: Mechanical
    Functions: humidification, aromatherapy, timing, sleep aid, atomizer, mute, lighting, automatic aerosol distributor, diffusion
    Material: Plastic
    Reservoir fluid capacity: 0.5L and below
    Size: 180*120*198mm

    Packing list:
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