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    New Instant Hair dye

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    Item Type: Hair Color NET WT: 3.8g Ingredient: One-Time Hair dye Color: black brown Specifications: normal specifications Model: hair dye bar Suitable for skin type: any Efficacy: Concealer Concealer: Other parts Net content: Twilight hairdressing pen 01 black, twilight hairdressing pen 02 brown Whether liquid: N Whether it is powered: N Suitable for the public: mainly for customers' white hair, or allergic to many red Quickly cover white hair, easy to apply, can cover hair color you don't like Plant soft ingredients, no harm to people, easy to clean, no residue Steps are quick and easy, saving time Don't go to the hairdresser, you can also do your own hair Non-permanent products Wash your hair with shampoo and wash it off easily Lipstick design for easy carrying and use Package includes: 1 unit Description: 1. Gently apply to the hair, avoiding the beginning of the skin 2. Wait a moment or use a hair dryer to dry it, avoid touching it immediately 3. Leave the hair after absorption and comb the straight hair with a comb note: Wash your hair before washing and rinse your hair to avoid touching Be gentle when using, so as not to over-tighten, paste life In order to avoid embarrassment, you can't gently apply too much at once.